THT was created in 2004 by persons with disabilities and registered in 2009 with the Rwanda Governance Board. The Troupe des Personnes HandicapéesTwuzuzanye (THT) is a unique organization of persons with disabilities using drama, music and traditional dance to raise awareness of the rights and abilities of persons with disabilities. This model has proved very successful; THT is often invited to perform at sensitization events and the performances help to draw people to community events.

Through a new partnership with VSO Rwanda, THT has employed two full time staff, has moved into new office premises and has formalized organisational policies and procedures.

The current membership of 86 persons with disabilities (49 female and 37 male) are talented and experienced in delivering advocacy messages though drama in rural settings and represent people with a range of disability types. There are three troops based in two districts: Kicukiro and Nyarugenge. Our existing members are skilled and well organised and they perform in different specific event and raise awareness through theater for e.g.: IDPD 2014 at Karongi district.

In other provinces and districts players or talented persons with disabilities are uneducated and not well organised; they lack experience of performing and do not often get the opportunity of training on script writing.