The Rwandan population who participated in Different  event are aware on the disability inclusive in using technologies,Education, Employment,health and how different types of impairments can be involved in Public policies which affect them at local level in such event and Entertainment through comedy and music  one persons with disabilities have get opportunity to raise their issues and this have been resolved through providing the house After this drama, all participants in the event organized by THT,have been shown  the performances  and from this drama they realized the impact of Disability inclusive in theater , THT after Performance during After a drama performance by THT on International Day of Persons with Disabilities  3 December 2014,  NCPD have agree to work together with THT to prepare new troops in more district includes Karongi District also to have their own troops but THT have still Encouraging local and national leaders to mainitrain Disabilities as interpreted after performance And shown through Emotion of leaders during THT performances, like the governor and minister of disaster 2. THT have 4 troops and have performed at four events onIDPDin Karongi, Gakenke, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge.The performances were on the IDPD theme ‘The Promise of Technology’ and helped to show people the impact that technological innovation can have in removing barriers for persons with disabilities.After each performance community members were invited to raise the issues they faced with local officials. The IDPD events were organized by the National Council of Persons with Disabilities with others partners including UPHLS, ABADAHIRWA Veteran association and THT. It was a big day for THT, especially the new Kicukiro troop who were performing for the first time in public. The Kicukiro troop was established this year, with the support of VSO Rwanda as part of the INSPIRED project. THT worked with the District Disability Officer and National Council of Persons with Disabilities in Kicukiro to identify and recruit persons with disabilities for the new troop. These people were invited to two day training on roles and responsibilities, on script writing and performing. The new members were given the opportunity to perform with the existing Nyarugenge troop in November to help build their confidence. The NCPD Kicukiro representative expressed with confidence the success of their IDPD 2014 celebrations due to the involvement of THT. He felt THT helped to capture and explain the real message of IDPD to the community. NCPD Executive secretary, NDAYISABA Emmanuel, told other NCPD coordinators that theater is the best strategy to do advocacy. It is hoped that NCPD will support THT to develop new troops so that they can perform across Rwanda for IDPD 2015. 3. After MUSANZE performance and after meeting with district official and sector their adviser to THT about how their will providing 45 cow to people with disabilities and that why THT will be involved even to offering 45 cow to PWDs in Musanze district and providing a performance at the day.

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