membership at Troupe des Personnes Handicapées TWUZUZANYE (T.H.T) Rwanda has the criteria’s and the requirements that a person who is requesting to become a member have to be accomplished, those requirements as it is shown in constitution/Status of this organization in its chapters particularly in CHAPTER II, especially in Article 5; Article 6; Article 7 and Article 8 of this constitution the membership in this organization, need to accomplish the following criteria’s

In addition someone who want to become our member it is better to be a culture troops of persons with disability and have more skills on performing theatre and THT need member in troops also have impairment additional to this must also work in one district of Rwanda about different articles of our constitution I look is not very important

Article 5:

The Organization is comprised of Founder Members, Ordinary Members and honorary members.

The founder members are those that have signed the present constitution. Ordinary members are those who would have accepted this constitution and be accepted after a written application by the General Assembly. The founder and ordinary members are referred to as effective members of the Organization with equal rights and duties. Honorary Members are those who would have received acknowledgement by the General Assembly for their special support to the organization.

Executive committee shall propose the friends of Organization for approval by the General Assembly.

Honorary members have a consultative role but do not have right to vote.

Article 6:


Effective Members are committed to take active part in all activities of the organization.

They shall participate in General Assembly meetings with deliberative role.

They shall pay obligatory their membership fees established by the General Assembly.

Article 7:

Membership applications shall be addressed to the President of the Executive committee who will on his turn submit it to the General Assembly for approval.

Article 8:

A person may cease to be a member by death, by resignation, expulsion by the General Assembly, or by the dissolution of the l’ organization.

The resignation may be addressed by a written letter to the President of the Executive Committee and submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

The expulsion is declared on 2/3 ratio of and by the General assembly and imposed to a member who fails to conform to the l’ organization. constitution and Internal Rules and Regulations